There Are So Many Ways To Communicate! Too Many?

Have you ever been invited to a party, but not realize it because it was sent only on Facebook? Or do you loathe the friend that just won’t stop IMing you during work for no reason (Maria, I’m not talking about you; I care about everything you say — it’s someone else)? Or does it pain you to call your grandma, when you’d rather be sending a weekly e-mail instead?

It seems as if every friend, family member and co-worker has a preferred method of communication. Check out the video above, created by comic animator Allen Mezquida, which addresses that problem quite humorously.


  1. Just because there are so many ways to communicate doesn’t mean that we have to talk constantly.There are alot better things than wasting your time all day saying basically the same nothing things.There are far too many ways now and it has become intrusive. The private detective of the future could be out of business because of facebook.


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