Business Cards with Style

I was at an event a week or so ago, when I decided that my business cards are out-of-style. Luckily, that same night, a trendy professional was handing out his “minicards” with personalized photos on the back, purchased from

That night, I went home and ordered my very own minicards, customizing them with pictures I had taken in China, Thailand and New York. I chose around 40 pictures. Can you believe that you can upload up to 100 photos? And it’s all included in the base price of $19.99 for 100 minicards.

Yesterday, I had a package in the mail. It was my minicards! I wanted to share the experience with you! Here’s what I found within the envelope that had shipped from London:

Above: The cute container that held my mincards
Above some of the various cards that I customized!

I definitely recommend these minicards for professionals who are tired of the average black-on-white business card. These minicards add a personal touch and story to each card that you hand out. Now I’ll have a story to tell each time I hand out my card!

6 thoughts on “Business Cards with Style

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  2. Wow. Moo seems like the best business card print service out there–(or the most advertised?) I’ve seen people everywhere who are really pleased with their business cards from Moo. And they always seem to do business cards like..each card is different even if it’s a whole set.

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