Sending a Singing Telegram on Valentine’s Day

On February 13th, I was sitting at my desk at work wondering what I could get my boyfriend for Valentine’s Day. You must know that he’s the best boyfriend in the world; so I really needed to go all out on this one.

Some friends gave a few suggestions: dinner, a teddy bear, a show… none of them seemed right.

So, I Googled “Valentine’s gifts”. After looking through a few forums of discussion, I found a post that spoke about singing telegrams. “PERFECT!” I thought. Immediately, I sought out an NYC company in the singing telegram business. I found PreppyGrams, a local company that specialized in classy singing telegrams.

Within an hour, I had booked a singing heart to serenade my guy. Check out the footage as caught by my Valentine below!

His coworkers really got a kick out of it, and I think he really enjoyed it, too! I highly recommend sending singing telegrams now! It’s probably the coolest gift I’ve sent on Valentine’s Day!

One thought on “Sending a Singing Telegram on Valentine’s Day

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