My First Etsy Purchase: A Silk Eye Mask

I’ve been a fan of Etsy, the marketplace for handmade goods, for quite a while, but until last week, I had only perused its pages. Well, my friends, I’ve become an official Etsy user, having purchased a luxury silk eye mask from Etsy seller BibBon, who makes her sleeping masks to order.

I received the mask last night and tried it out. It passed my quality assurance test with flying colors. The silk backing is smooth against my skin and eyes; the two adjustable straps made the fit just right; and the extra padding under the eyes isn’t just a gimmick — it actually does help shield out light.

I’m happy to finally say I’m an Etsy user, besides the usually browsing and gawking. Do you remember your first Etsy purchase? Share your story in the comments!

2 thoughts on “My First Etsy Purchase: A Silk Eye Mask

  1. Hey Erica,
    I found your site while reading up on your latest PR do’s and don’t s blog posts – love them! Naturally I have to comment on your Etsy post …because like you, aside from being a gawker for the past few years, I recently made my first purchase.

    I ordered a relatively inexpensive 5×7 print from an artist I’ve been drooling over for some time. I love how I was able to connect with the artist on a personal level, also the packing tends to be fun and personal too. An unexpected surprise after a few orders is that most all of the store owners have been extremely professional and timely in returning messages/sending goods – these crafters are savvy business professionals!

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