T-Shirt Quilts: Staying Warm With Memories

Over the years, I’ve accumulated hundreds of t-shirts. Last year, I had the bright idea of turning them into t-shirt quilts. There are many quilters that focus on making t-shirt quilts — it turns out that it’s a big market, especially around graduation and winter holiday times.

After gathering all of my shirts together and separating them into categories and using a fabric cutting machine to turn them into quilting cloth pieces, I researched about 10-15 t-shirt quilters online. I settled on T-Shirt-Quilts.com, which is owned by Blue Ribbon Quilt Co.

Co-owner Linda Lawson worked with me to choose quilt sizes, t-shirt order and material colors for the quilts. In the end, I settled on having four quilts made for distinct parts of my life: social media, travel, New York University and Paragould High School. Take a look at the quilts below and let me know what you think!

I put my social media swag to great use with this t-shirt quilt.

The largest quilt I ordered fits on a queen-sized bed and contains 36 t-shirts from my NYU days.

I used 30 of my high school t-shirts for this full-sized quilt.

While I’ve been to many more places than the ones represented on this quilt, I wanted to have a travel quilt made that focused on orange. Ta da!

15 thoughts on “T-Shirt Quilts: Staying Warm With Memories

  1. Thanks for posting your review! You’ve helped ease my mind on which company to use for my daughters’ t-shirt quilts. (Awesome blog, too!)

    • You’re welcome, Leslie! I’m sure she’s going to love them! Mine are still absolutely beautiful. A little stiff, but I’m hoping that will wash out. Honestly, I haven’t had to wash them much, because they’re mostly for guests and when I get super cold in winters. 🙂 Best wishes!!

  2. Great idea. My husband has stacks of old Ts from our travels I have a hard time getting rid of. This is better than turning them into dust rags! Also this is a great idea for my dad’s 70th using kids and grandkids old Ts.

  3. I have been making these quilts for 3 years. It is amazing how many shirts people save. Some are really worn out. I can fit a lot of shirts on one quilt by cutting the logo out and sewing them together. This idea is catching on.

  4. I’m VERY impressed with all of the shirts that you saved. Totally inspiring. Finally, I’ll having something to d with all of my old band shirts. 😉

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