Interning at The New York Times

Today I created a Facebook group for the Summer ’09 NYTimes Interns and it reminded me that my internship is really awesome! I also love the work environment at The New York Times, so I wanted to share it with you! Below are some photos of the beautiful space that I work in! What a blessed life!

(Above: The New York Times Building)
(Above: The lobby of The New York Times Building is simple yet beautiful. Walking through it is a great way to start the work day!)
(Above: My subway station exit is about 10 steps from the building. So, each morning, I enter here!)

(Above: My desk on the 9th floor of The New York Times Building)

(Above: The view from my desk. This is a view of Port Authority at 40th Street and 8th Avenue in Manhattan)
Not only is working at amazing, it’s aesthetically-inspiring!!!

4 thoughts on “Interning at The New York Times

    • I learned about the internship through a job fair at NYU (my undergrad school). They were looking for marketing interns, so I happened to be in the right place at the right time. Funny story, though, I initially went to the NYTimes table with my journalist friend, because he wanted to see if they were hiring writers. I didn’t even talk to the recruiters about jobs, b/c I somehow thought they would only be recruiting journalists. So, instead I started talking about their cool branded products, included a highlighter with three colors in one. That lead to a conversation of my major, which lead to a resume hand-off, which lead to an email, which lead to an interview, which lead to me landing one of the best internships in the world. The internship lasted for a year, and I am now working as a social media consultant at The Times. It has been a great run so far.

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