Chad Williamson Hawken

What Happens When Educators Convene To Reimagine Entrepreneurial Studies

Educators from around America gathered this week at the Hawken School Educators Workshop for Entrepreneurial Studies to discuss and share best practices for launching entrepreneurship programs in K-12.

First Week at Mashable

Erica Swallow joins Mashable as an editorial assistant after leaving her position as a social media consultant at The New York Times.

I $ The Price is Right

Erica Swallow, Maria Kucinski and Parker Higgins created custom “The Price is Right” t-shirts in hopes of being chosen as contestants on the game show during the March 17, 2010 taping.

Photo Inclusion in Schmap NY Guide

  A photo that I took at the Bloomberg SP09 summer party was recently published in the Schmap New York Guide. The photo was featured in the Randall’s Island section (because the Bloomberg party took place there) and showcased my friend, John Wood, playing a frog-throwing game. Don’t worry, the frogs were made of rubber!…