Tarot Cards over Dinner

(Above: Nicolas Crummey reads Maria Kucinski’s cards)

Every Tuesday night, my 2-out-of-3 best friends (Nicolas and Maria) and I have dinner. We alternate houses, visiting each person’s place a week. (Note: The third best friend is Alice, but she’s in China.)

This week, Nicolas (aka Nick) hosted dinner. The theme was summer. He made the most excellent tomato/basil/mozzarella appetizers and an incredibly tasty pasta salad for the entree. Maria brought the wine — a rose and a white. And I supplied the desserts — gelato and fruits. MMMM.

Nick’s roommate, Hailey, happened to have a deck of tarot cards lying around and let us play with them. Luckily, they were beginner’s cards with notes and meanings written on them. The deck even came with a piece of paper to place under the cards that told us what the placement of each card meant.

All in all, Maria’s cards were excellent. She got the star… the empress… the awesome stuff… and all was well. Meanwhile, Nick read mine and I got all the crap! The hanged man… the devil… the moon. Ugh. It was horrible. Basically, my life sucks. But it turns out that everything is supposed to end well at the very end… so, only a lifetime of suffering left, and then comes the good stuff!

I learned a few things about tarot cards, though:

  • The cards should face the reader (so they can read them, obviously)
  • There are 21 cards in all, numbered with Roman numerals
  • The cards should be placed in order (I – XX) and handed to the questioner (the person with the question)
  • The questioner should then shuffle the cards, concentrating on their question. Lastly, they cut the deck three times. They should concentrate on their question, in order to feed their energy into the cards, apparently.
  • Lastly, it doesn’t appear that questions like “What color is my shirt?” can be answered… it truly didn’t work.
  • “The cards don’t lie.” Nick, Maria and I broke out in song to these words, singing as Nick played his banjo. They must be true, as the only explanation I can muster up is that we were possessed by their power to react in such a way.

Overall, I’m not a suspicious person. However, it is kind of strange that I received all bad cards and Maria received all great cards. Maria and Nick attribute this to me cursing at the cards and ridiculing them while Maria was getting her cards read… they heard and were out to get me.

hehehe. This makes me want to get a Ouji board now!

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