Kamelflage: A bra, but for your…

While reading a blog post on The Moment about an open call for designers at Henri Bendel, I discovered an interesting product — the Kamelflage. Created by Treger Strasberg and Loren Weiner, the Kamelflage is a product designed to camouflage the dreaded cameltoe… Here’s a little description from the Kamelflage website:

Kamelflage is a small flexible insert constructed of breathable and body friendly material that is placed into the liner of your favorite panties. It is discreet and molds to fit the unique shape of your body leaving it totally undetectable in even the most body skimming pants. It is far more comfortable than even the thinnest panty liner and certainly more comfortable than a frontal wedgy! The care is the same as any of your other fine washables, washer no dryer. Each kamelflage is small enough to tuck in your wallet incase of an emergency but they are so pretty and feminine that you might be tempted to show them off!

Can’t say I’ve ever thought of anything like this before… But, if your tight pants are causing such a problem, wouldn’t you just consider getting rid of the pants?

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