Introducing Google Voice

After 16 months of delays, Google has finally launched Google Voice.
The service features:

  • One phone number for all of your calls and text messages
  • Voicemail Transcription: All of your voicemails are transcribed, saved, and searchable.
  • Free conference calls for up to six people
  • International calls at a reasonable rate. For example, since I’m so in love with China, I could call my friends there for only $0.02 a minute!

David Pogue, technology writer for The New York Times, is on top of things with his Google Voice video. Check it out to get a better look into what it’s all about.

Get out there and check it out yourself! Unfortunately, it’s only available to current GrandCentral users. But, TechCrunch is actually giving away 100 free accounts to the first 100 people who email today. Maybe you still have a chance!

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