Announcing Overzealous Threads, My Punny Apparel Company

Overzealous Threads Don't Play Yourself Line

Introducing Overzealous Threads, my zany apparel company dedicated to punny merch!

I’m excited to announce the launch of my latest passion project: Overzealous Threads, my super punny apparel company!

A couple months ago, I started thinking back on a high school student, Kennedy Smith, I worked with in Arkansas. She had founded her own clothing line, and I was so impressed with her drive. Well, Kennedy, thank you for the inspiration… four years later, I’m still inspired, and I’m launching my own clothing line!

Say hello to DON’T PLAY YOURSELF, the first line by Overzealous Threads. The line features musical instruments playing themselves, GASP! I’m grateful for the creative talents of New England artist and musician Chris Robinson. I saw his rendition of the piano sketch below and the idea for this line hit me. I commissioned the snare drum, upright bass, trumpet, and electric guitar; and now we’ve got ourselves a full band. If only someone would have told them… you’re better served when you DON’T PLAY YOURSELF.

The line is available via Teespring. The store features all kinds of apparel, including shirts, sweaters, tanks, and hoodies. On top of clothing, you can find totes, phone cases, stickers, and mugs.

Who knows if anyone else will care about a band full of visual puns… but I’m certainly excited to have dreamed these up in collaboration with the ever-game Chris Robinson. Not a bad idea, if I do say so myself!

And where did the name come from, you might ask? Well, an early manager of mine gave me some constructive feedback that I was overzealous. I’ve always remembered that, and I haven’t quite decided if I think it’s a positive or negative. Either way, I’m embracing it! Overzealous Threads just feels right.

Grab your own Overzealous Threads swag from the store! And tag us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter when you get your goods!!

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