What Does Community Mean to You?

Community art posted at my Mashable cubicle

At the Community Managers Meetup last night, hosted at Etsy’s HQ in Brooklyn, community managers gathered to create crafts inspired by their Twitter communities.

First, each attendee tweeted “What does #community mean to you?” Then, we waited for awesome responses from our followers. After picking out the best responses, each person made crafts to tweet back to their follower(s) (via a TwitPic, or whichever Twitter photo service he or she preferred).

I chose three tweets that made me smile the most. Check them out below and then see what I created, as pictured above. What a fun night.

  1. Erica Swallow
    ericaswallow What does #community mean to you? Answer away!
  2. Daniel Holt
  3. Cynthia Collins
    NYCcyn @stacygreen @lheron @ericaswallow and this is what #community sounds like (and feels like) http://youtu.be/mXGNq2-S06I #landofhopeanddreams
  4. Christian Vanizette
    Coconutsurfing @ericaswallow #community : people you are ready to change the world with + have a beer just after


This idea was inspired by Etsy’s own social media practices. Sometimes when a user tweets to Etsy, its Social Media Specialist David Brown, tweets back with a craft that encompasses the answer. Afterwards, he even snail-mails the craft to the person who inspired it. What a lovely idea, right?

Instead of snail-mailing, I decided to decorate my Mashable cubicle to remind me that my community is awesome. Thanks, everyone!

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