Foursquare Specials: How to Get a Vegetarian to Eat at Your Burger Joint

How do you get a lifelong vegetarian to eat at your burger joint? You offer a Foursquare special.

As a vegetarian, I generally wouldn’t seek out meat-centric restaurants, including burger spots or steakhouses. But occasionally I find a reason to stop by one. Sometimes that’s because I’ve heard they serve awesome veggie burgers; sometimes it’s because my carnivore friends drag me along; and sometimes it’s because I’ve found a deal for a particular restaurant.

While attending the Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA) Summit last week to speak on a panel, I was greeted with a “Special Here” note for the hotel I was staying at, the Paris Las Vegas Hotel & Casino. The special was a coupon for $5 off a meal at Le Burger Brasserie, one of the many in-casino restaurants.

My first reaction was to roll my eyes and ask “whhhhhyyyy meeeeee?” But I promptly recovered from my vegetarian angst and headed straight for the Total Rewards desk where the Foursquare app said I could pick up my coupon. Surely enough, the Total Rewards attendants knew what was up and handed over one lovely coupon, which I used within an hour.

See, that’s me below, happily (and blurrily, thanks to my iPhone’s dodgy camera) smiling next to one of the most scrumptious veggie burgers I’ve ever tasted. Added bonus: it’s about the size of a human head, so you definitely won’t go hungry.

I shared the meal with my colleague, Brian Dresher, who took that photo above for me.

Bottom Line: A simple Foursquare special lead a vegetarian into a burger joint. Not only did she bring herself, she drug her colleague along as well. And both had a great time. Kudos to the Paris Las Vegas social media team for staying ahead of the curve.

4 thoughts on “Foursquare Specials: How to Get a Vegetarian to Eat at Your Burger Joint

  1. Can I inquire how they made the veggie burger? Commercial or freshly made by the restaurant? If freshly made, can you guess what the primary ingredients might be? Grains? Rice? Oatmeal? Tofu? Vegetables?

    It’s killing me! I am seeking that perfect veggie burger. Haven’t found it yet.

    Thanks for sharing your blog. It was certainly a pleasure to read it. Again, thanks.

    • I would guess that it was made of grains or soy, but it also had veggies in it. Yum yum yum. The patty itself was around 3/4 inch thick! Then, I added avocado and a portobello mushroom, which made it stellar. It comes with red onions, lettuce and tomato. If I had to guess, I would assume it was commercially made, but of course, we’d all hope it was freshly made. Since it’s a burger place at a casino, though, I just assume not. If you’re ever there, check it out!

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