Bravo Rewards Foursquare Users with Swag Bags for Unlocking “Real Housewife” Badge

Bravo sent out special gift bags to the first few Foursquare users that unlocked the "Real Housewife" badge

On behalf of Bravo, Congrats on living the life of a Real Housewife and unlocking our badge on foursquare. We appreciate your “following Bravo” on foursquare and in thanks, we’ll be sending you a special gift bag.

That’s an excerpt from the official email that a Bravo representative sent to me and a handful of other users who were the first to unlock the “Real Housewife” badge on Foursquare. A few days after receiving the email and responding with my mailing address, a hefty package arrived at my door.

What was I expecting? A t-shirt. Maybe a notebook. Definitely a few pens. Nope! This was a serious swag bag. Bravo wasn’t playing around when they called it a “special” gift bag. The overnighted package included four Bravo-branded items: a tote, umbrella, t-shirt and flip video camera.

Wo, wo, wo. Hold the phone. A flip cam? Yes, you read that correctly. Bravo sent me a few cutesy items (tote, umbrella and t-shirt) and topped it off with a flip cam! Now that’s a REAL reward for unlocking a Foursquare badge. Thank you, Bravo! And Kudos to Foursquare for scoring such a fun partnership!

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