Bloomberg SP09

Won 101M at Bloomberg SP09!

This summer, one of my good college buddies, John Wood, invited me to the Bloomberg summer party, this year entitled “SP09” (for obvious reasons). Each year, the party takes place on Randall’s Island and features free transportation to the island, free alcohol and food all day long, free entertainment, free skating, free sports, free games, free EVERYTHING!

Official shoutout: Mike Bloomberg, you are the most ballerist man out there.

This was my checklist for the day: samosas, arepas, veggie burger, gelato, sorbet, Brooklyn summer ale, basketball, skating, hammer challenge, band, carny games, Olympic trampoline team, sand pail, Michael Jackson dance-a-thon, gladiators, rain under a tarp, sunshine again, frisbee, electric power bike, seafood on a table (I’m a vegetarian; just watched friends eat).

SOOOO, conclusion, GO NEXT YEAR! I heard they sell tickets on eBay. So, get out there and bid! It’s so much fun!

See my pictures from Bloomberg SP09 on Flickr!

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