SxSWi Day 1: Swag Bags, PPT Battles and the Twitter Room

The room I stayed in at SxSWi was coincidentally Twitter-themed.

The first day of SxSWi is officially coming to an end. My top three moment of today:

1.) Swag Bag: Free stuff always makes my day. It was a great start to the conference! Best free swag award goes to everyone who chose to give out pins. Gotta love those! Best pin award: Mozilla Firefox all the way!

2.) Deck Battle 2010: The best event of the day was the Deck Battle 2010, in which participants made impromptu PowerPoint presentations based on the decks of other peeps. It’s always great to see hilarious people going along with mysterious plots on stage.

3.) Twitter Room: When my roommates and I arrived in the home that we’re renting, the owner gave us a tour of the house. When we stopped by my room, I was happy to find that the walls were painted in the Twitter color scheme with pictures of birds in a tree with a heart carved on it. So, I dubbed it the Twitter Room. What a great place to stay!

Lastly, as related to Twitter, I want to mention that today was the first day that I wore my @ericaswallow necklace that was made by Survival of the Hippest. While it sort of looks a little gangsta, I’m loving it. It takes the cake for my favorite social media jewelry accessory.

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