Get hit in the face with DIRT!!! FREE COOKIES!!!

WE NEED YOUR TALENT!!!! (In exchange for FREE COOKIES!!!)
Facebook Event:

Some friends and I are shooting a commercial on Saturday, May 30th for the Cannes MoFilm User-Generated Content Initiative, judged by Spike Lee!

Come get hit in the face with dirt, and we’ll give you free cookies! We are making a video montage of 100 people reacting to the goodness of dirt in their faces!!!

The commercial is for Omo, a Unilever laundry detergent brand and one of the top 12 brands in the world.

Meet us in front of the Metropolitan Museum of Art (1000 5th Avenue at East 82nd Street) on the steps at 9:00am for our first shoots. Or call us throughout the day to see what our location is in Central Park!

I will be updating my Twitter and Facebook statuses with our location on the day of the shoot! So, if 9:00am is too early to wake up for you, just check in on my status and see where we are! Or call me at 870.565.5200!

If we win the contest, you could become famous, as the video would be shown at Cannes! Woooo! So, come join us for some dirty fun!!! AND FREE COOKIES!!!

RSVP on the Facebook Event:

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