CamelAmmo: Waging War on the Front Lines

(Above: CamelAmmo product sample)

Hey All! Remember my post about Kamelflage? (If not, check it out here.) The ladies over at Kamelflage have rebranded and launched a new website. They are now known as CamelAmmo. What is this product you may ask? Well, it’s a panty insert that helps you “Wage war on the front lines”. That is, it prevents the dreaded cameltoe. Basically, for all you gals out there who have a pair of spray-on jeans or tights that you just can’t seem to stop wearing… this product is for you! It keeps that area looking smooth.

Product Review:

I tried the CamelAmmo with just my undies, and I have to say it’s a pretty interesting idea. On the positive side, it hid any trace of a cameltoe, as you would imagine. Also, the pink camoflage is a really great design for the branding effort. Well thought out, ladies!

Admittedly, I don’t have pants tight enough to need CamelAmmo, so actual product testing was a little difficult. However, I found a pair of black tights that I have yet to wear. You know, the ones that all the hipsters are wearing with plain white tees? I haven’t found the courage to wear them yet. I probably won’t ever get around to wearing them, unless I find a top that covers my toosh. BUT, nevertheless, I tried them on with CamelAmmo and can report 100% coverage on the front lines. Thanks, CamelAmmo! If I ever get around to wearing these tights, I will be needing some friendly coverage!

Overall, I think this product is well-suited for anyone with a love of tight pants or tights. Ladies, if this is you, get to CamelAmmo and buy one for the low price of $10! If anything, you’ll get to have fun with it like I did and maybe even right a product review!

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