Vicks and Ricola

It’s official. I’m sick. For the past few days, I’ve tried to get by without taking much medication, but today it all went up in smoke. I had the honor of presenting as a panelist at the NYU Stern Open House for prospective students. I was on hand to share my experiences as a Stern student, along with my classmate Sandeep. With all of the talking required, I had to do something about my tragic coughing / man voice. Let me explain my systems… First of all, I sound like a man. Some of my roommates have called it my “sexy voice”, interestingly enough. My throat is scratchy, dry and evil, and I have wheezing coughs. Worst of all, the phlem family has invited itself over for the past week.

So, I turned to the trusted cough allies: Vicks and Ricola. Why did I pick these two?

1.) They’re recognizable. Like many consumers out there, I went for the ones that I thought seemed most respectable.

2.) Ricola used the word “Natural”, and we all know that’s a buzz word that works on my demographic! Plus, they have the whole Swiss thing going for them.

3.) They’re both pink/red!

It’s good to know that I have my healthcare down to a meticulous and well-thought-out system, right?

Just two hours after taking some Vicks and two Ricolas later, I’m still not feeling any better. But I have hope!

For all of you out there who are in the same shoes as me, hats off. And if you’d like to share some Vicks or Ricola with me, you know where to find me!

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