As Seen on TV Logo

It’s the famous little logo that gets everyone interested in the weirdest of products: “As Seen on TV”. What is it about this little logo that attracts customer attention? That’s a mystery that has yet to be solved. And who created it? Is it copyrighted? Now those are questions that I can answer!

The As Seen on TV logo was created by Telebrands Corporation, a direct response marketing company that is, as you might have guessed, most recognized for its creation of the logo and the “As Seen on TV” category of trade.

So, I guess you could say that they’re the people responsible for us staying up late watching knives cut through shoes and pennies… and watching vacuum cleaners pick up bowling balls… and gawking at the fact that the ShamWow can clean everything — the house, the RV, the car, the cat, the dishes, your body, carpet, the shower. It’s simply amazing… and a little pathetic.

Upon calling to see if their logo was copyrighted, I got this message:

“Due to the overwhelming response to PediPaws our phone lines are busier than normal. Monday and Tuesday are the heaviest call volume days, and you may wish to try your call on another day. PediPaws inventory are being received on a regular basis and orders are shipping out as soon as the inventory is available.”

Umm…. wow. I’m kind of speechless after that. But nevertheless, I’m still not sure if Telebrands actually owns the copyright to the logo. I would guess yes. Does anyone out there know the answer?

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