A Look at JetBlue’s “Blog and Social Networking Policy”

Ever wonder about what the social media policies for some of your favorite companies includes? (Me too.)

Morgan Johnston, Manager Corporate Communications at JetBlue, shared the company’s public 600-word “Blog and Social Networking Policy” with me. Check it out below and let me know what you think about it in the comments below. Is it what you expected? What didn’t you expect?


Blog and Social Networking Policy

JetBlue understands that some Crewmembers may wish to create and maintain personal web logs commonly referred to as “blogs” and/or social networks, such as web based discussion or conversation pages (e.g. Facebook and Twitter). While JetBlue respects your right to personal expression, JetBlue expects all Crewmembers to act professionally on the job, and to refrain from behavior, on and off the job, that could adversely impact the Company. Therefore, the following guidelines have been established for posting to blogs and social networking sites:

Personal Expression

Personal blogs contain the views of particular individuals, not JetBlue. If you choose to discuss your employment or identify yourself as a JetBlue Crewmember in any way, you must include a disclaimer clarifying that the views expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of JetBlue. Because customers, vendors, and business partners may nonetheless view you as a spokesperson for JetBlue it is imperative that you be clear and specify that a blog is not a company-sponsored source of communication. Crewmembers should assume at all time that they are representing the Company when engaging in any form of social networking.

Protect Confidential/Proprietary Information

As more fully described in JetBlue’s Confidentiality Policy, you are prohibited from disclosing confidential, proprietary, sensitive and/or trade secret information of JetBlue and other third parties. Such disclosures threaten JetBlue’s intellectual property rights, business relationships with third parties, and compliance with securities laws. Similarly, you may not provide a link from your personal blog to JetBlue’s website, nor use JetBlue trademarks including but not limited to logos or other proprietary images or information. Additionally, JetBlue may have certain rights in any inventions or concepts you create that relate to the Company’s business.

Be Respectful and Exercise Common Sense

JetBlue Crewmembers are a part of building and maintaining a respectful working environment. Blogs must not violate JetBlue’s conduct-related policies including Equal Employment Opportunity (harassment and sexual harassment), Values, etc. If posting to your blog or social networking site, be respectful of others; harassment of any Crewmembers or Business Partners will not be tolerated. Be aware that anyone including other Crewmembers, customers, vendors and business partners, can view your blog, facebook or twitter page while it is actively posted, and may even be able to view its contents after it has been deleted.

Company Time and Company Property

JetBlue’s Internet and Computer Use Policy governs all uses of company computer equipment. Consult this and other related policies in the Crewmember BlueBook before using company equipment for personal use. As described in the policy, JetBlue reserves the right to monitor use of Company-provided and company-owned computer equipment. Blogging must not occur during work hours or through the use of company-provided or company-owned computer equipment.

JetBlue in its sole discretion will determine whether a particular blog or social network posting violates JetBlue policies, Values, or operating procedures. As with all JetBlue policies, a violation of such policy may result in Progressive Guidance, up to and including termination. JetBlue further reserves the right to request Crewmembers refrain from commenting on topics related to JetBlue or if necessary, suspend the blog or social network site altogether if advisable for compliance with securities regulations or applicable laws. Failure to comply may result in Progressive Guidance up to and including termination.

Adherence to all JetBlue’s policies, guidelines, values, and operating procedures is required. Should you have any questions about this policy or how it may apply to your blog, please contact People Resources.


What are your thoughts on JetBlue’s social media policy? Add them in the comments!

Faisal Shahzad’s Headline Photo is Sourced from Orkut

A screenshot of Faisal Shahzad's image on NYTimes.com, as sourced from Orkut.com

The recent creation of Facebook Open Graph opened a whole new can of worms regarding privacy on social networks. Now more than ever, the world is all a-buzz about privacy.Β But what about privacy for criminal suspects?

Faisal Shahzad, the suspect who admitted to attempting to explode a bomb in Times Square on May 1st, has been pictured across multiple news sites. Most of the pictures being used to depict the suspect are from Orkut and Facebook, social networking sites that Mr. Shahzad maintained profiles on. From a quick search on both sites, I couldn’t seem to find his profiles. But somehow, news agencies have managed to locate his photos and post them alongside the latest headlines.

How could an individual with a plan to unleash bombs in Times Square leave his online social presence completely unprotected from the media? Was he oblivious to the fact that his photos might some day be shared on national television and across the web without his authorization after his attempts at mass destruction? Or did he actually unknowingly give authorization to both sites to share his content with the world? Were the privacy settings too difficult to understand?

Maybe it was just that the default settings said, “Yes! Please obliterate my right to privacy,” and Mr. Shahzad didn’t realize it. Whatever the reason, I am amused to see “Orkut.com” as the source of these photos.

What are your thoughts on news sites sourcing Orkut and Facebook for photos? Do you think there are any privacy implications?

Vote Now in the Fashion 2.0 Social Media Awards

My favorite online sample sale website, ideeli, has partnered with Style Coalition to create the Fashion 2.0 Social Media Awards. The goal is to measure the best of style influence online. They need your help determining which brands engaged you, moved you, and inspired you to shop, dress, and think in 2009. There are 7 fabulous categories to vote on- so check out the poll here!

Vote now for The Innovator Award, Fashion 2.0!

Twitter and Facebook Go (RED) for World AIDS Day

Above: Twitter’s (RED) look for Dec. 1st, World AIDS Day

Above: Twitter’s usual homepage, as of July 29, 2009

In support of World AIDS Day, Twitter and Facebook have gone (RED) for the day.

Facebook is running a campaign at facebook.com/joinred, where you can share the (RED) video, change your profile pic to a (RED) photo to support AIDS awareness, or shop (RED) products.

Twitter’s support is much more pervasive across the site, which is respectable. They replaced their usual homepage design with (RED) galore, including a red ribbon of text that implores users to “turn Twitter (RED)”. But how do we do that? Well, it says we can “follow @JoinRED to find out”! After visiting @JoinRED, I realized that there are three main ways to “turn Twitter red”:

1.) Use the hashtag #red
2.) Use the hashtag #laceupsavelives
3.) Turn tweets the color red

Above: If you use the hastags #red or #laceupsavelives, or tweet the word “red” your tweets turn red

Well, well, well! Get on it tweeters!

My First Time as Mayor!

Hooray! I just became a Mayor on Foursquare for the first time ever! It just so happens that I’m the mayor of Dean & Deluca – Times Building. I owe The New York Times for this great honor. If I didn’t work in this building, I wouldn’t be compelled to eat so many Two Little Red Hens chocolate cupcakes, supplied by Dean & Deluca, just downstairs! And thank you, Dean & Deluca for your existence. And Soraya Darabi for introducing me to Foursquare! Cheers to all!

Are You Sharing Too Much Online?

Being that I’m pretty active online, I’m always wondering if my social networks are conveying the best image to potential employers (and friends!). Today, I ran across a great blog post on the Doostang blog about “the professional downside of your online social life” that gave me a few tips about best practices.

If you’re worried about whether you’re sharing too much information about your personal life on your social networks, it’s worth a look!