Are We Addicted to Smartphones? [INFOGRAPHIC]

I wrote an article about smartphone addiction last month, covering research released by UK telecommunications regulator Ofcom.

The folks over at e2save were inspired to create an infographic to visualize the data. It’s beautiful, so I thought I’d feature it today. Take a look.

Do you feel like you’re addicted to your smartphone? (I am pretty sure that I am.)

4 thoughts on “Are We Addicted to Smartphones? [INFOGRAPHIC]

  1. Yeah! we all are addicted by using the smartphone for its quality features. So we should aware of about the uses of our lovely smartphone. Without smartphone I can’t think my present life or daily life.

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  3. Addicted does not even begin to cover it, if I forget my smartphone at home I almost cease to function…. ok that might be stretching it a bit 🙂

    I am actually suprised that the numbers are not much higher. Maybe it is just me feeling since I do it, everybody in the world must be doing it.

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