Make a Dent in the World Water Crisis!

Dear Friends,

I’m trying to help put a dent in the world water crisis and I need your help. I’ve created three projects via charity:water, each with a goal of raising $5,000, enough funds to build a water well in a community in need of clean water. I’m asking that all of my friends and family find it in their hearts to donate, as there are millions of people without the basic need of water.

I’ve made three funds to match my friends’ interests:

1.) NYU Fund: For all of my NYU friends that want to make a difference. This fund goes towards helping bring water to schools in need of it. Have some school pride and donate today at

2.) NYC Fund: For the city known for its water towers, atop every building. This fund is for all the New Yorkers who care about delivering clean water to people in need. Donate now at

3.) Erica & Weikai’s 2nd Anniversary: Today is the 2nd anniversary of dating for Weikai and me! In celebration, we’re asking all of our friends and family to find it in their hearts to donate to the millions without water. We’re lucky enough to have been born in societies with an overabundance of water. Let’s give back. Donate now at

With all of my love and best wishes for you and yours!

China Care Foundation Launches New Homepage

During my four years at NYU, I had a huge involvement in the China Care Foundation. My roommate, Alice, and I, along with three other friends, founded the NYU China Care club. During my time there, we helped dozens of children receive life-saving surgeries and feel loved from thousands of miles away.

This week, China Care launched their newly designed website: It is much more user friendly and explains in detail the new program that they have with Half the Sky, their new partner. We even have a whole new Youth Empowerment section dedicated to clubs, in which I’m actually featured in numerous sections! NYU is listed as a recipient of the first annual Club Awards(in which I won an Outstanding Leadership award); they used an NYU photo for the Fundraising section (which features our Treasurer Amanda Fuller, as seen above); and they even feature the newsletter story about my 2008 summer internship with Saatchi & Saatchi (which you can read about below, or click on the photo to go to the webpage), in which I led a team to create a pro bono ad for China Care that was placed in CosmGirl magazine!

I hope this new homepage brings lots more attention to the China Care Foundation, as they touch not only the lives of they children that they save, but also the lives of so many others, like myself, that help in the process.

The Tragedy of Bake Sales

Above: China Care members, Lily and Stephanie at the bake sale
NYU China Care had its first bake sale of the Spring 2009 semester today! We raise money to help fund life-saving surgeries for disabled Chinese orphans.

Total funds raised today? $98.05.

I’m wondering if there is a way to make bake sales more profitable, because I’m tired of having 5-6 volunteers help with baking hundreds of baked goods, transporting all of those goods to the sale site, sitting for hours, trying to get passersby to buy cookies and brownies, and coming out with small profits. The work that we put in is worth more than the money we come out with! We could all just volunteer our hypothetical wages (in the case that we could actually be working and being paid our average work wages, instead of volunteering our time; thus the theory of opportunity cost) for the time we put in and raise much more. But, we want to keep up the community involvement by educating our peers about China Care.

It seems like there has to be a better model for bake sales. Does anyone out there have suggestions on how to ramp up our profits?