Erica Swallow NYU in China

The First-Generation Struggle: A Letter From My 22-Year-Old Self

In 2008, I wrote a (now re-discovered) letter about my college financial aid experience. It reminds me we have a long way to go for education equity, but I am hopeful.

high school digital portfolio

The New High School Essentials: LinkedIn, A Resumé, and a Digital Portfolio

A decade ago, high school students were sent home with supply lists that included a backpack, binders, notebooks, and pens. Today, it is becoming increasingly important for a high schooler to come prepared with his or her digital records of achievement, including a LinkedIn profile, a resumé, and a digital portfolio.

College Time Line.

My friend, Cheng, sent me this via email. It’s a timeline of college. It’s completely fitting, being that I just took my last final last week and I’m graduating in two days. Cannot wait! Enjoy this perfect illustration of what college is really like! Every New Semester: After 1st Week:After 2nd Week: Before the Mid-Term…

Getting a Job for My Ego

Above: If I don’t get a job soon, I’m going to have to find more inspiration from bathroom wall drawings. This one isn’t really reassuring. Is anyone else out there looking for a post-graduation job? Does anyone else out there have thousands of dollars in school loans encroaching on their life? Does anyone else out…

Feeling Entitled to Good Grades

Today the Most Emailed New York Times article is entitled “Students Expectations Seen as Causing Grade Disputes“. It’s a good read, especially for professors or college students tired of the endless grading battle that occurs every semester in almost every course. The article describes how students bring a certain expectation of making good grades to…