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First Week at Mashable

29 May

Woosh! It has been a crazy two weeks! Two weeks ago, I said goodbye to The New York Times, where I served as a social media consultant. The weekend following that, my Mom got married (re-married). And this week, I joined Mashable as a features editorial assistant, just a month after they celebrated the opening of their New York office.

I’m working with Managing Editor Sharon Feder on writing and editing supported features posts, while also collaborating with the entire features team: Josh Catone (features editor), Matt Silverman (associate features editor), Zachary Sniderman (features editorial assistant), Stephanie Marcus (features editorial assistant), and Amy-May Elliott (features writer).

Because Mashable is a small company, I’m excited to also have the opportunity to collaborate with everyone else as time goes by. Within the first week, I already feel like a part of the team. And if I had to sum up my first week in three words…

  • Awesome: Lame word, I know. But it’s always my fall-back word to describe things that are… well… awesome.
  • Inspiring: The company culture is open and encouraging. I feel inspired to create. It’s a great vibe.
  • Busy: It’s a positive sign when a company isn’t afraid to throw you right in there. After a quick orientation on my first day, I edited a few posts. And by the end of the week, I was averaging three to four posts edited per day. And I even wrote two posts! Needless to say, there wasn’t a moment to spare. It’s a fast-paced place.

Special thanks to the Mashable team for welcoming me with open arms. Here’s to a budding career at one of the top blogs in the world!

I $ The Price is Right

11 Mar

Custom screen printed "I $ TPIR" T-Shirts

On March 17th, my friends (Maria and Parker) and I will attempt to be chosen as contestants on The Price is Right, the popular American game show based on pricing consumer goods. We’ve been studying the TV show, iPhone app and Wii video game to figure out what makes a good contestant. We’ve narrowed it down to three categories:

1.) Knowledge of retail prices. This sure helps if you want to make it to the Showcase Showdown for a chance to win a brand new caaaaaaaaar!

2.) Enthusiasm. The key to being chosen as a contestant is having a genuine enthusiasm and love for TPIR. Flaunt it!

3.) An awesome custom shirt. Nothing says enthusiasm like preparing for the stage by creating your very own custom t-shirt. Maria did a bit of research on The Best Price is Right T-Shirts and reported back to the team. A truly spirited (and awesome) t-shirt should be bright and creative.

Our team brainstormed for a while, and we came up with “I $ TPIR”, with our nicknames on the backs. What does “I $ TPIR” really mean? We’re really not sure what “dollar sign” as a verb really signifies. But we’re hoping it will bring us luck and the chance to play Plinko on the big stage!

Some of you may be wondering how you can create your very own custom t-shirts for TPIR. Well, let me make a recommendation. If you’re in New York City, don’t go anywhere else other than Star Screening. Located in Brooklyn (at 6409 14th Ave. – Phone: 718.234.4190 – Email: starscreening@msn.com – Fax: 718.234.4201), Star Screening is owned by Giovanni D’Onofrio. They do all types of screenprinting, including shirts, caps, jackets, bags, uniforms… you name it, they do it. Their work is of the highest quality at the best prices.

Check out some pictures of Star Screening below. When I picked up our TPIR shirts, I was able to take a quick tour of the screen printing area. Since I had never seen automatic screen printing machines, it was a new experience. I’m sending a special thanks to the crew for the tour! And last but not least, thank you to Carmine and Giovanni for making these shirts possible!

Star Screening

A Star Screening Employee Using the Manual Screen Printing Press

Two Employees Using the Automatic Screen Printing Press

Screen Printing Conveyor Dryer Oven

Happy Holidays!

25 Dec
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Photo Inclusion in Schmap NY Guide

27 Sep
A photo that I took at the Bloomberg SP09 summer party was recently published in the Schmap New York Guide. The photo was featured in the Randall’s Island section (because the Bloomberg party took place there) and showcased my friend, John Wood, playing a frog-throwing game. Don’t worry, the frogs were made of rubber! Here’s a close-up for all you Randall’s Island / John Wood fans!

Yoostar Test with Marilyn Monroe

27 Sep

On Fashion’s Night Out at Bloomingdale’s, I had a chance to try out the YooStar home green screen kit with Marilyn Monroe. Check out the video above!

Fashion 2.0 Fashion Week Meetup Sponsored by Style Coalition and Ideeli

11 Sep
(Above: Maria Kucinski and Erica Swallow (me) at the Fashion 2.0 Fashion Week Kickoff Meetup)
(Above: Yuli Ziv, founder of Fashion 2.0 Meetup, and Deirdre Sullivan, Social Media Director at ideeli.com, hosted the fashion trivia giveaway!)

Last night, I went to my first official Meetup! It was the Fashion 2.0 Fashion Week Kickoff Reception that took place at W New York – The Tuscany. Organized by Yuli Ziv, the party included an open bar, a hot gift bag full of goodies and a ton of fun guests. Some highlights for me included hanging out with my BFF Maria, meeting a few great people, sipping wine, getting compliments on my Moo.com minicards and seeing Phillip Block.

For more photos, check out my Flickr photostream!

My First Time as Mayor!

9 Sep

Hooray! I just became a Mayor on Foursquare for the first time ever! It just so happens that I’m the mayor of Dean & Deluca – Times Building. I owe The New York Times for this great honor. If I didn’t work in this building, I wouldn’t be compelled to eat so many Two Little Red Hens chocolate cupcakes, supplied by Dean & Deluca, just downstairs! And thank you, Dean & Deluca for your existence. And Soraya Darabi for introducing me to Foursquare! Cheers to all!

Friend.ly Facebook Friend Stats

9 Sep

Cool! I just discovered Friend.ly, a Facebook application that analyzes yours friends’ demographic information and outputs basic statistics.

Thought I’d post my friend stats here so that you could all psychoanalyze me!

Most common name: Kevin (11 friends)
Most common zodiac sign: Libra (83 friends)
Longest name: Maximillian-Conroy Hencke
Shortest name: Yi Li
Female/Male: 50% / 50%
Single/Taken: 39% / 61%
Youngest friend: 17 years old
Oldest friend: 105 years old
Average age: 23 years old

If you’re interested, go try it yourself at http://friend.ly!

Note: You can click “Don’t Allow” for both prompt boxes and it will still calculate the statistics. Plus, you don’t even have to publish the output to your Facebook news feed!

Make a Dent in the World Water Crisis!

26 Aug

Dear Friends,

I’m trying to help put a dent in the world water crisis and I need your help. I’ve created three projects via charity:water, each with a goal of raising $5,000, enough funds to build a water well in a community in need of clean water. I’m asking that all of my friends and family find it in their hearts to donate, as there are millions of people without the basic need of water.

I’ve made three funds to match my friends’ interests:

1.) NYU Fund: For all of my NYU friends that want to make a difference. This fund goes towards helping bring water to schools in need of it. Have some school pride and donate today at http://new.charitywater.org/nyufund.

2.) NYC Fund: For the city known for its water towers, atop every building. This fund is for all the New Yorkers who care about delivering clean water to people in need. Donate now at http://new.charitywater.org/nyc.

3.) Erica & Weikai’s 2nd Anniversary: Today is the 2nd anniversary of dating for Weikai and me! In celebration, we’re asking all of our friends and family to find it in their hearts to donate to the millions without water. We’re lucky enough to have been born in societies with an overabundance of water. Let’s give back. Donate now at http://new.charitywater.org/EricaandWeikai.

With all of my love and best wishes for you and yours!

Tarot Cards over Dinner

5 Aug
(Above: Nicolas Crummey reads Maria Kucinski’s cards)

Every Tuesday night, my 2-out-of-3 best friends (Nicolas and Maria) and I have dinner. We alternate houses, visiting each person’s place a week. (Note: The third best friend is Alice, but she’s in China.)

This week, Nicolas (aka Nick) hosted dinner. The theme was summer. He made the most excellent tomato/basil/mozzarella appetizers and an incredibly tasty pasta salad for the entree. Maria brought the wine — a rose and a white. And I supplied the desserts — gelato and fruits. MMMM.

Nick’s roommate, Hailey, happened to have a deck of tarot cards lying around and let us play with them. Luckily, they were beginner’s cards with notes and meanings written on them. The deck even came with a piece of paper to place under the cards that told us what the placement of each card meant.

All in all, Maria’s cards were excellent. She got the star… the empress… the awesome stuff… and all was well. Meanwhile, Nick read mine and I got all the crap! The hanged man… the devil… the moon. Ugh. It was horrible. Basically, my life sucks. But it turns out that everything is supposed to end well at the very end… so, only a lifetime of suffering left, and then comes the good stuff!

I learned a few things about tarot cards, though:

  • The cards should face the reader (so they can read them, obviously)
  • There are 21 cards in all, numbered with Roman numerals
  • The cards should be placed in order (I – XX) and handed to the questioner (the person with the question)
  • The questioner should then shuffle the cards, concentrating on their question. Lastly, they cut the deck three times. They should concentrate on their question, in order to feed their energy into the cards, apparently.
  • Lastly, it doesn’t appear that questions like “What color is my shirt?” can be answered… it truly didn’t work.
  • “The cards don’t lie.” Nick, Maria and I broke out in song to these words, singing as Nick played his banjo. They must be true, as the only explanation I can muster up is that we were possessed by their power to react in such a way.

Overall, I’m not a suspicious person. However, it is kind of strange that I received all bad cards and Maria received all great cards. Maria and Nick attribute this to me cursing at the cards and ridiculing them while Maria was getting her cards read… they heard and were out to get me.

hehehe. This makes me want to get a Ouji board now!


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